Week 34: Villain – President Assad of Syria

by Ray_North on August 25, 2013

Syrian_VillainIt doesn’t take much writing this.

President Assad of Syria is a fascist. A dictator. A man who cares only about power and the retention of power.

Since the Syrians rose up and demanded democratic rights – he has ruthlessly waged war on the people who he is supposed to rule. People who should, by rights, be able to place their trust in him.

Since the start of the Syrian civil war, there have been tens of thousands of casualties, up to a million refugees and displaced persons, many of whom are children, and countless stories of atrocities including the use of rape and torture.

We have always know that Assad has stockpiles of chemical weapons (probably because we sold him them) – we have always feared that he would use them, something that President Obama called the ‘red line not to be crossed.’ In the last few weeks, it has become apparent that Assad has crossed that red line. In the early hours of the morning of the 21st August, Government forces shelled the Ghouta region of Damascus. The shells contained neurotoxins, similar to Sarin gas. By the 22nd August, Medicin Sans Frontiers was reporting that 3500 people had been treated for the effects of nerve agents with over 350 dead. Videos showed the suffering that the nerve gas brings – asphyxiation mainly as the body starts to work against itself. It is truly, truly horrendous.

I don’t need to say anymore – this man is the greatest villain of this century.

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