George Osborne: The Wet Nurse Chancellor

by Charlie_East_West on August 6, 2013


I am feeling particularly belligerent today. This is because of two things:-

1. Labour, and in particular, Ed Miliband passively standing back and letting the Tories shape the political debate. Repeatedly, Labour are ending up on the wrong side of the debate. Recent case studies include – trade union funding and also austerity. Labour should be at least 10 points up in the polls right now, but are now in real danger of letting an eminently winnable 2015 election slip through their hands. The right wing media are now cranking up a narrative towards so called economic “green shoots” – based on piss poor growth figures, and how the Tories are slowing sorting out the mess left by Labour. This is totally misplaced, and yet, Labour, bafflingly, are sitting on their hands and letting it happen.

2) George Osborne, and his ability to get away with punishing anyone who is not rich, and yet being seen to win the argument. *Please refer back to point 1 and Labour’s current ineptitude.

George Osborne has just stooped to a new low in terms of his swaggering, braying and patronising attitude towards the majority of people in this country. He now stands accused of punishing stay-at-home parents by denying them the tax breaks that working parents will get.

The Chancellor has unveiled the details of benefits for those who still go out and earn after having children – sparking rightful outrage amongst those who choose to look after their children themselves.

Working parents will receive up to £1,200 per child under the Coalition’s new voucher scheme – which will not come into force until 2015. And while couples who earn up to £300,000 will still qualify for the scheme, those where one parent who stays at home to look after the children will not qualify for this. This is blatant discrimination against parents who stay at home.

Then, Osborne rubbed salt in the wounds. Inherited wealth, self entitled, multi-millionaire George Osborne then praised women who hire nannies to look after their kids while going back to their jobs. He said: “This government is on the side of people who want to work hard and get on in life. Tax-free childcare will help working parents by giving them more choice and better access to the quality, affordable childcare they need. We want to make the new scheme work in the way that is best for parents, so today we are asking for their views and I’d like as many parents as possible to tell us what they think.” He then added, that he had “huge respect” for mothers who stay at home but said it was for “lifestyle reasons.”

Lifestyle reasons? Fuck off Gideon. Most people cannot afford below-the-stairs home help, or a wet nurse. Instead, there are many many people who want to work but cannot because the price of child care is so prohibitive, making the return from employment utterly negligible.

Also, Gideon – the phrase “hard working” also applies to stay at home parents – both mothers and fathers. Please try and remember that, before you spout off your ignorant, snobbish, rhetorical bullshit.

I am bored of all of the patronising, misplaced divide and rule ideology that is consistently spewing from this government – a government that is the worst within my lifetime, and a government that is so right wing, it makes the Thatcher administrations look like an era of enlightenment compared to them.

Who do I currently blame for all of this? Everyone. I blame the Tories for being well, just Tories. I blame the Lib Dems for propping up the Tories. I blame Labour for being a totally ineffective party of opposition – when we really need them to offer something radically different.

Every picture tells a story. I can emphasise with the child in the photo. But, if I was that child I would take my hands off my head and use them to poke the eyeballs of the horrible little man standing next to him who is ruining his playtime.

George Osborne is our wet nurse Chancellor. As a baby, I am sure he would have sucked out the milk from a stranger. As a Chancellor, he continues to suck the life out of millions and millions of people. Old habits die hard.

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Eddie Kaye August 6, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Encouraging thought thoug Mr E-W…whatever Gidoen is getting all enthusiastic about, that kid is having none of it!

Good on ya Son – make your point at the ballot box in about 2030!


Charlie_East_West August 6, 2013 at 1:24 pm

The kid is in a sulk because he thought he was going to meet a different type of clown.


Fionauk512 August 6, 2013 at 7:28 pm

Hey Charlie E W, have recently stumbled upon your blog, and have been checking it out for a week or so now. Liking it. The reprehensible Gideon and the way the Tories are steam rolling their ideology across the political landscape whilst the supposed opposition look on, either not caring or too inept to mount a challenge also fills me with incredulity and some despair. How bad does it have to get….kid looks how I feel about the current state of inertia.


Charlie_East_West August 6, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Fiona – thanks for the comments.

Please keep coming back to the site for a lot more of this. My esteemed colleagues Ray, George, Bobby and Jackie also offer a range of topics that highlight the disaster zones within this awful government.


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