Week 30: Prat – Anthony Weiner

by Jackie_South on July 28, 2013

PratpantsThis week, our award for the biggest prat of the last seven days goes to New York mayoral hopeful, Anthony Weiner.

Two years ago, then congressman Anthony Weiner won our prat of the week award for the faux pas that was to cost him his place in the House of Representatives: the congressman from Queens got caught emailing photos of his crown jewels, first inside a pair of unflattering grey underpants and then sans pants and aroused.

In April this year, he was poised to make one of the great political comebacks of all time: throwing his hat in the ring to become the Democrat candidate for New York Mayor at the elections in November, when Michael Bloomberg stands down. Polls even showed him leading the race.

But this week, it emerged that old habits die hard. It was revealed that he had been sending more explicit photos of his very own weiner to women over the internet last year, revelling in the ridiculous moniker “Carlos Danger” in emails he sent to a woman 26 years younger than him (the slightly comically named Sydney Leathers). He called himself as “an argumentative, permanently horny middle-aged man” to Leathers, who had openly told him that she didn’t agree with his politics. This was always going to end up messily (in more ways than Weiner intended), but Weiner obviously gets off on the thrill of getting caught.

He has since said that there might be another 10 women he’s had similar sexting relationships with. Cue a 22% drop in his favourability and the resignation of his campaign manager. His own withdrawal seems to be only a matter of time.

So, Anthony Weiner: less Rudi Giuliani than rude idiocy, less Ed Koch than red cock. And undoubtedly, prat of the week.

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