#725: 2013, Kurt Vile, Wakin on a Pretty Day

by Jackie_South on July 26, 2013

Against the odds, the hot summer continues. I’m hoping it lasts out tomorrow (I hope I’m waking on a pretty day): I’m going to my local free festival, nothing spectacular just a great little community event in a park in the shadows of the local council estate with a variety of (usually pretty good) bands playing.

The anticipation of that festival leads me to cast my mind back to the last outdoor music festival I went to: May’s Field Day as part of Mr East’s pre-wedding (but definitely not a stag do) gallivanting. Field Day is a great opportunity to see bands breaking through and to discover a few gems to plump out the record collection. Kurt Vile was one of those discoveries for me (George of course had heard of him a long time beforehand), and the icing on the cake was our little gang bumping into him at the pub afterwards.

Mr Vile (his real surname, not an invention) I can report, was anything but: he came across as a decent, sincere, slightly introverted but well-balanced bloke. Certainly more balanced than a drunken Mr North anyway, who afterwards accosted every bloke emerging from the toilets to ask if they weren’t the bassist from Vile’s group, The Violators.

I’ve picked this (almost) title track from this year’s album, Wakin on a Pretty Daze. Don’t be put off by the length: this is a great piece of guitar-driven reflection on simply just waking up and lying in bed not doing much. Bits are similar to Pavement’s Range Life, bits are like mid-Seventies AOR, but in a good way (the guitar solo is genius). There are some lovely wry lyrics too, delivered in his soft, laid-back tones:

“Phone ringing off the shelf
I guess it wanted to kill himself”

#footnote 1: regular readers will know that now and again I’ve taken a look at the geography of our song picks. Last time I pointed out that Pennsylvania was the most surprising state not to have contributed a song: Philly boy Vile puts that right.

#footnote 2: 12 seconds into the video, watch the bird immediately to the right of the telegraph pole.

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George_East July 27, 2013 at 10:43 am

Yep, seemed like a lovely bloke. Still a bit baffled why we didn’t get a photo with him. Great song, great album.


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