#723: 2010, The Courteeners, The Opener

by Charlie_East_West on July 23, 2013

For the past decade a group of old friends and myself have given each other an annual CD featuring our favourite songs of the year. We distribute the CDs at the end of the year and we listen to each chosen playlist and then give our critical reviews. The process of compiling our individual best of year songs is a labour of love. A lot of time and effort goes into the compilations. We all want to get great reviews and be ahead of each other in terms of taste, credibility and the provision of wonderful music.

One of the group provided today’s chosen song on his 2010 compliation. I had actually forgotten about it until I heard it on BBC Radio 6 recently. It is by The Courteeners, and their opening song from their 2010 album, Falcon. The song is called The Opener, and it is bloody brilliant.

The Courteeners were considered the New Manc saviours between 2008-2010. Morrissey is a self proclaimed advocate of their music. Personally, I think that their music is a little bit predictable and offers nothing much in terms of originality – but my chosen song from The Courteeners is brilliant. If this song was released back in the 1990’s it would be an all time classic. Unfortunately, it sits on the margins, heard by a few rather than the many.

The Opener is a lyrical lament of absence making the heart grow stronger. It is a grass is always greener ode by lead singer/songwriter Liam Fray to his hometown whilst holed up at his girlfriend’s pad in LA, and his LA based girlfriend when he arrives back in Britain:-

I miss your eyelashes and the streets where I grew tall
I miss getting piss wet through
Getting to yours and getting warm
I miss stopping over and borrowing someone else’s clothes
It’s so nice to be home, you’d never have known that I’d even been away

I miss the city I love but I’ve been having an affair
With L.A and New York, Dundee, and Doncaster if I may dare
Of course I do, of course I do
But I was meant for this place, and I was meant for you

Listen to this, and the Morrissey-heaped praise makes a lot more sense.

Anyway, I digress. I will shut the fuck up. Just listen to the bloody song.

*My acknowledgements are given to the provider of this song from his best of 2010 CD. I thank you.

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