What Happens If The Tories Win in 2015

by George_East on June 21, 2013

230px-Conservative_logo_2006_svgLast night we got an interesting insight into what kind of thing we can expect if the Tories win in 2015, as a group of Tory MPs laid before parliament an ‘alternative’ conservative Queen’s speech.  It would be easy to dismiss this as what passes for thinking among the swivel eyed loons, but that would be to miss just how far to the right the centre of the current parliamentary conservative party is, as compared to anything that we have previously experienced.  The swivel-eyed loons are now the mainstream.

The list of 40 Bills proposed is as bat shit nuts as it is terrifying and is a stark reminder that however shit the Labour Party are at the moment (and my God they are), a Tory majority in a couple of years’ time  will result in the final unravelling of much of what is left of the post-war settlement and the progress that has been made over the last 50 years towards a more tolerant society.

As you can imagine the list has them positively salivating over at the spiritual home of the swivel eyed loons: ConservativeHome.

Here are 20 of the highlowlights:

1. A Bill to reintroduce capital punishment;

2.A Bill to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 – you will note no referendum, just a straight exit from the EU;

3. A Bill to ban face coverings – essentially a ban the burqa bill;

4. A Bill to reintroduce National Service;

5. A referendum on same sex marriage – surprising perhaps that they are not going for a straight repeal;

6. Privatisation of the BBC;

7. A Prisoners (Custodial Sentences Completion) Bill – requiring all prisoners to serve their full sentences.  If you think we jail too many people too long now, imagine what that would do;

8. Equality and Diversity Bill – to outlaw all forms of positive discrimination, bizarrely also including that used by political parties (why the Tories are exercised about Labour’s use of All Women Shortlists is somewhat perplexing);

9. Sentencing Escalator Bill – requiring Court to impose successively longer prison sentences for repeat offenders (whatever the circumstances of the offence).  Like the Custodial Sentences Completion Bill – this will result in the already overcrowded jails bursting at the seams.  It will also result in the same perverse outcomes that have occurred in States of the US that have adopted ‘three strikes’ laws.  Life sentences for drug addicts stealing a frozen pizza from a supermarket and like;

10. Collection of Nationality Data Bill – requiring an audit of the nationality of those receiving benefits.

11. Withdrawal from the EU bill – yep, getting out of Europe is such an important issue for the crazies that they have two bills in their list that have exactly the same effect: straight withdrawal;

12. Audit of Costs and Benefits of EU membership Bill – why on earth this is needed when we will be leaving the EU not once but twice on the programme, is entirely unclear;

13. Sexual Impropriety Bill – you’ll love this one.  It is effectively a Legalise Sexual Harassment Bill, as it will make it unlawful for any employee to bring a claim alleging sexual harassment that has not been reported to the police and that is not a crime;

14. Abolition of the Office of Deputy Prime Minister Bill – this is obviously just a dig at Clegg, as there is no constitutional office of Deputy Prime Minister.  It is an office that has been used in some governments, but not in others.  It has no status at all and such a Bill is a waste of the oxygen it would absorb in debating it and the ink that would be taken up in printing it;

15. Restriction of Benefits (EU citizens Bill) – again another completely pointless Bill, as under the programme the UK would have withdrawn from the EU twice and EU citizens would have no rights to claim anything in the UK;

16. Margaret Thatcher Day Bill – oh yes.  A monument to the Leaderene.  This would have the effect of renaming the August Bank Holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day;

17. Fishing Grounds Bill – another bizarre Bill, as it is designed to reinstate territorial fishing waters and to repeal the effect of the Common Fisheries Policy, but, of course, if the UK has withdrawn from the EU (twice) the Common Fisheries Policy would not apply anyway;

18. Young Offenders (Parental Responsibility) Bill – this would make the parents of young offenders criminally liable for the actions of their children.    I am not clear how jailing the parents of young offenders is likely to keep them under control;

19. Department of Energy and Climate Change (Abolition) Bill – of course.  Climate Change is all a big international conspiracy by the Marxist left or something.    Showing that the Tories here are just as anti-science as the Republicans in the US.

20.Withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights Bill – and so we will become the only European country other than Belarus, outside of the European Convention of Human Rights, to our eternal shame.

This is the future of conservatism in Britain.  This is why they need to be stopped.

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Geoff Elliott June 21, 2013 at 5:48 pm

I’ll try and comment in a little more depth later this evening but for now, in modern parlance, OMG.

You almost had me checking the date. It’s summer solstice, not April Fool’s. I should be shocked. I’m in despair. The EU stuff is bad enough but the law & order proposals are outrageous.

Fodder for the Mail, anathema to all fair minded individuals. Disgraceful.


alex w June 21, 2013 at 9:23 pm

21 The lights go out across the country while the gates go up around protected wealthy ‘enclaves’.


Ray_North June 21, 2013 at 9:48 pm

I tell you what this is.. this is the last gurgling outburst of gobshite, the final ramblings of a lunatic shortly before he turns the gun on himself.


Mike Killingworth June 22, 2013 at 7:14 am

What really interests me about this list is that the restoration of capital punishment is not just for murder but for a set of unspecified crimes, including possibly some that were never capital offences before.

Is this (a) Bone & Hollobone’s answer to prison overcrowding; (b) their preferred method of dealing with their political opponents or (c) both? It should not be forgotten that Legal Aid has been effectively abolished. Shall I write to them or will you?


Mike Killingworth June 22, 2013 at 7:19 am

I forgot. The face covering bill will presumably ban tinted glasses, even those medically prescribed.


Catford Cat June 22, 2013 at 4:57 pm

The ‘Thatcher Day’ has a certain appeal – can we do the party every year?

“ding dong the witch is still dead”


stewart July 4, 2013 at 3:53 pm

same old Tories, loons the lot of them


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