Week 26: Villain – George Osborne

by Charlie_East_West on June 30, 2013


This week’s award winning act of villainy comes from our villain of villains – George Osborne, for announcing a further £11.5 billion of spending cuts within his spending review 2015-16.

George Osborne rustled up another brutal slash and burn on welfare, public sector pay and local authority budgets – this included an eye watering £2.6bn taken from council budgets, £500m axed from education and £5bn of “efficiency cuts” which will include the loss of a further 144,000 public sector jobs.

Osborne then had the bloody cheek to state, “fairness, is about making sure we are all in it together” (groan) and added that he was “ensuring that those with the broadest shoulders bear the largest burden.” He also threw in a classic Tory line – he would make sure “the unfairness of the something for nothing culture is changed.

Please take your time to digest these numbers and his statement. Once you have fully digested this, you will probably feel very nauseous. So, please take time to vomit up all of this in the nearest sick bag.

He also lobbed in one of the most bat-shit crazy unworkable economic policies of all time – after 2015, the Department of Work and Pensions would introduce a “temperature test” to stop those living in warmer climates from receiving between £100 and £300 a year winter fuel allowance. This is a policy straight out of The Thick of It. This is another mess of a policy dreamt up by a live ministerial version from The Thick of It – Iain Duncan-Smith – and his brain dead attempts to crystallise life imitating art.

So welcome to 2015, and what do you find? Potholes in the roads, no libraries, no municipal swimming pools, no community centres, no leisure centres, no school playing fields, no inner city car parks, no public parks, no public tennis courts, no public football pitches, broken glass covering public spaces, half finished public works programmes, dustbins strewn across the street, and a massive increase in rats.

If we are to have functional facilities it will most likely move from the public to the private sector, and come from a private contractor now charging a fee or private membership levy for public use of these facilities – effectively rendering a once public service into a private service. The alternative is even worse – the public facility has completely disappeared and turned itself into a giant Starbucks or Tesco.

The recession was caused equally by the bankers committing unaccountable and unethical malpractice on an industrial scale, and by the coalition government’s failed austerity programme that has targeted communities, societies and vulnerable individuals – rather than those with the “broadest shoulders”.

But the people who are blamed, targeted, and scavenged upon are the poor and those who depend on effective state provision and public services to survive. In Gideon’s gilded world – screw those who want public services and welfare – they are the “something for nothing” brigade.

Well done George. You did this to us. You win. We do not get something for nothing. Instead we will get nothing for something privatisation of our essential public services. We are all in this together? Bollocks.

All George Osborne understands is the price of everything and the value of nothing. Gideon, you make me sick. Pass the sick bag.

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