#713: 2003, Kings of Leon, Holy Roller Novocaine

by Ray_North on June 25, 2013

Mrs North wanted to go and see Kings of Leon – and so, for her birthday, I purchased tickets for said band and off we toddled to Manchester MEN.

Kings of Leon have appeared appeared once before on these pages when Jackie and George damned them with feint praise suggesting that they used to be good before the cut off their beards and became Tennessee’s answer to U2. I have to say, I’ve got some sympathy with that, I think probably like my ATL buddies, I lost interest after their fourth album was a bit crap.

However, despite my misgivings – I thoroughly enjoyed this gig. The impression I was left with was of a band who have written some cracking songs and enjoy performing them to a genuinely warm and sympathetic audience. I got the feeling that the crowd were nice people, the type of people who you wouldn’t disagree with about the big issues of the day – in fact I ended up liking the crowd as much as I liked the band.

What I didn’t get, which was a pleasant surprise, was any bombastic stadium rock self-indulgence, in fact quite the opposite, these American deep Southerners played their songs with a certain understated humility and lack of self-indulgence which was endearing (George, Jackie and I went to see Neil Young recently which was wonderfully self-indulgent), there were no massive guitar solos, no histrionics, just a really cool groove and a very tight sound. And, perhaps the tightest and grooviest song of all was this – a cracking three minute guitar driven piece of rock. Marvellous.

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Jackie_South June 26, 2013 at 9:09 pm

Sounds like a great gig. Good pick too!


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