#711: 2004, O Povo Canta, O Telefone Tocou Novamente

by Charlie_East_West on June 21, 2013

Apparently, it is summertime. If this is British summer as we now know it, then we should all just pack our bags and live somewhere else. I quite fancy the idea of living in Brazil. I have never been to Brazil, but I desperately want to go. Perhaps I will save it for the 2016 Olympics.

Brazil is suffering from widespread protests today as a result of government austerity and the snowballing costs of the 2014 World Cup. But, as a country, it has a hell of a lot to offer – the climate, beaches, culture, beautiful people, football and music. Meanwhile, I will just pretend that I am living in Brazil via a Cornwall tropicana and put on some Brazilian music to celebrate our Great British anti-summer.

I first became alerted to the wonderful music within Brazil by the incomparable music tastemaker Gilles Peterson. If you want to learn about a new genre in music, or explore unknown tracks or world music – then Gilles Peterson is your go-to man. His compilation albums are absolutely brilliant. In particular, his Brownswood series, Gilles Peterson in Africa, and Gilles Peterson in Brazil. His Brazil complication was released in 2004, and features some of the finest Brazilian music in the world today. The music within the album is flawless. It is impeccably chosen and mixed, creating an atmosphere that is simply gorgeous. Welcome to summer, Brazil-style.

Within the Gilles Peterson album, I have chosen the O Povo Canta song, O Telefone Tocou Novamente – which is one of the most uplifting and cool summer songs of all time. This song reminds me when football commentator John Motson shamelessly described a particularly sexy goal by Brazillian footballer Socrates as “encapsulating the whole philosophy of Brazilian football”. The pun was shameless, yet only too accurate. In this case, substitute football with music and you will get the whole idea.

Pass the Caipirinha.


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