What is the point of Jeremy Hunt?

by Charlie_East_West on May 23, 2013


When David Cameron removed Andrew Lansley from his position of Health Secretary and replaced him with Jeremy Hunt, the general response within my own head was – what the fuck? oh my God are you sure that’s right?

Jeremy Hunt is my least favourite cabinet minister (and my god, we are spoilt for choice over this award). He is the go-to man to fuck something up. He is the man with an obvious typo in the first letter of his surname. What is the point of Jeremy Hunt?

The questioning of the validity of Jeremy Hunt will be highlighted again later today, when Dr Laurence Buckman, the chair of the British Medical Association’s GPs committee – which represents around 40,000 GPs – will launch a sustained critical appraisal on Hunt over his “denigration” of GPs and his blaming of them for the growing crisis in A&E care.

Buckman will reject Hunt’s call for GPs to resume responsibility for providing out-of-hours care overnight and at weekends in England. Buckman will state today that, “Despite all the evidence, Hunt continues to tweet that it is all the fault of the GP contract. This is because he does not want to bother with the facts when he can have a bash at those of us who, on his own admission, are overworked and strained beyond endurance. The fact is GPs are undertaking more consultations per patient and we are diagnosing and treating more conditions than ever before. The fact is that GPs cannot become the providers of last resort for urgent out-of-hours services”.

So Hunt does it again. He is man with the anti-midas touch. But, is there a point to Jeremy Hunt? Possibly…

Basically, Jeremy Hunt is a robot. A corporate drone, albeit a malfunctioning one. After Hunt’s News Corp toadying within his position at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and his continued politically motivated NHS bashing within his current guise as Health Secretary, I am convinced that Jeremy Hunt is in fact, a corporate sleeper. A corporate fat cat has probably implanted a microchip somewhere within humanoid Hunt’s rattling tin can brain. It would be easy to do. He has enough empty space for such an insertion.

A chuckling puppeteer is probably now operating Jeremy Hunt by remote control. Press button A and Hunt will shout “Privatisation!”. Press button B and Hunt will shout “lazy NHS staff”. Press button C and Hunt will just look dead behind the eyes. Occasionally it all goes horribly wrong and it completely malfunctions, and Jeremy Hunt ends up throwing a bell over his head at the Olympics.

I am sure that those within the NHS were thoroughly delighted to see the back of Andrew Lansley. Unfortunately, it got even worse. They now see the front of Jeremy Hunt.

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George_East May 23, 2013 at 10:38 pm

I was always think he looks like a scared little boy when he’s on the telly. Epically useless politician.


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