Week 21: Villain – The English Defence League

by George_East on May 26, 2013

villain_2_iconThis Week’s Villain of the Week are the far right English Defence League for their attempts to exploit the tragic killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich last Wednesday

Wednesday saw a truly horrific incident on the streets of South East London, when Soldier and Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered with a machete in broad daylight by two men.  The video of the incident made by a passer by, in which one of the murder suspects invoked Islam to justify the killing and suggested that Islam and the West are at war, is sickening.

The incident has unsurprisingly been leapt on by various right wing whack jobs to play the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ card.  In some ways Tommy Robinson’s English Defence League are almost comically ridiculous.   A beyond parody thick punch of pissed up football hooligans, masquerading as a political movement.    There was a tweet sent by one EDL member, who wisely opined that incidents like the Woolwich murder were not surprising when you consider the content of Kerrang.   Yep, it must be the Metallica reviews that made them do it.

To laugh at them though is to be too kind.  These are not just a bunch of morons; they are also a bunch of dangerous morons.    In going to Woolwich on Wednesday night immediately after the incident the EDL sought to exploit the murder and  bring their own brand of race war to a multi-cultural part of South East London, in which tensions were inevitably raised.      True to form it ended up with the EDL having running battles with the police.

The BBC reported yesterday that the number of anti-Muslim incidents that have been reported since Wednesday is 162, compared to an average of 6 a day.  These have varied from head scarves being pulled from Muslim womens’ heads to an attack on a Mosque in Kent.

Fortunately there has been no widespread backlash since Wednesday.  There was a march in sympathy with Lee Rigby by the Nigerian community in Woolwich and the EDL’s attempts to exploit the situation by raising money for Help for Heroes, was matched by the immediate launch of anti-EDL parallel campaign to raise money for the same charity.

Lee Rigby RIP.   Fuck off EDL.

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