Week 21: Prat – Gerald Howarth MP

by Jackie_South on May 27, 2013

prat_iconThis week, our award for the biggest prat of the last seven days does to Gerald Howarth for his comments on gay marriage.

The Parliamentary debate on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill offered us some interesting, if disturbing, insights into the warped minds of the Tory Right.

First there was the frankly bonkers views of Lord Tebbit, as quoted in The Guardian.  He came up with two classics.

First, he said “When we have a queen who is a lesbian and she marries another lady and then decides she would like to have a child and someone donates sperm and she gives birth to a child, is that child heir to the throne?”

Eh? If Kate and Wills have a daughter and she becomes queen, her sexual orientation will not be determined by this bill.  The idea that the legislation will create a constitutional crisis is clearly the delusional fantasy of someone with a very twisted world view.

But his next statement was odder still: “It would lift my worries about inheritance tax because maybe I’d be allowed to marry my son. Why not? Why shouldn’t a mother marry her daughter? Why shouldn’t two elderly sisters living together marry each other?”

Well, because that would be incest, unless there is some trend already for mums to marry their sons and for brothers and sisters to get hitched to get around inheritance tax that I’ve somehow missed.

But Tebbit is getting old and has long since left the Commons, so we should perhaps worry about him a little less than his daughter should.  For this week’s prat, we need to turn to the honourable member for Aldershot.

Gerald Howarth was once seen as being one of “Maggie’s Militant Tendancy”, was a member of the Monday Club and is a fairly full on wacko.  He supported the Bahraini royal family’s suppression of dissent and called the Macpherson report following Stephen Lawrence’s murder “a grotesque over-reaction”.

In Monday’s debate, he talked about  “the aggressive homosexual community who see this as but a stepping stone to something even further“.  There was no hint of course of what he thinks that something even further might be – perhaps Tebbit’s fantasy of compulsory gayness for the Royal Family?

It is hard to see how this is not, to borrow his own words, a grotesque over-reaction.  But it has brought the position of his fellow extremists into ridicule, and so that it should be welcomed.  The Twittersphere was left buzzing with tweets taking the mick out of Howarth.

His shrill and barmy intervention only served to undermine his own case.  You don’t need to be gay, let alone an aggressive one, to see what a rabid prat Howarth is.

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