Week 21: Hero – Ingrid Loyau-Kennet

by Ray_North on May 27, 2013

hero_icon2This week’s Hero of the Week is Ingrid Loyau-Kennet, here’s why:

Until the middle of last week, no one had heard of Drummer Lee Rigby, no one had heard of Michael Adebowale or Michael Adebolajo – and no one had heard of Ingrid Loyau-Kennet.

Rigby was a soldier, a drummer, by all accounts a brave man with a family who adored him. Adebowale and Adebolajo were fanatics, rootless, mindless bastards who had become immersed in the quagmire of bullshit that is radical Islam. By the middle of last week, we’d heard of them, because they’d brutally murdered Rigby – running him down like a dog, before trying to decapitate him. There is no moral righteousness in that, there is no proper or legitimate cause that permits that, there is no justification, no mitigation it was murder of the worst kind.

But, amidst the horrific scenes of murder, there was the presence of a middle aged woman, an ordinary woman who walked towards the lunacy, with a calm, rational, and yes, feminine attitude and cooly asked them them how she could help them, and what did they want.

In that instant she was their mother, their girl-friend, their grandmother, their favourite caring aunty. Most men would, in that situation, have run or fought. That’s the way most of us think; and, perhaps, that flawed masculinity, that errant machismo is part of the reason why two young men like Adebowale and Adebolajo were so easily persuaded to become part of a gang, a club, a cult that offered the promise of brotherhood and excitement and violence and reward – I don’t know. What I do know is that as that previously unknown French woman who was out minding her own business, doing her shopping, was confronted by a situation of extreme masculine violence in its most profound form, she didn’t run away, she didn’t try to fight them an eye for an eye – she showed them compassion, she showed them logic, she offered them help.

And for that she is our hero.

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