#699: 2008, Elbow, Friends Of Ours

by Bobby_West on May 29, 2013

A friend died and it was his funeral yesterday. Someone I’d lost touch with for a few years but used to be very close to, and who was a very important part of my formative years.

In many ways he was my opposite – a bit of a poseur, a confident risk-taker, and for all that it matters, very much a conservative (small and big C). But those differences don’t have to matter, there’s something more fundamental in friendship. He always had time for people, was fun, was interested in all around himself, quick to laugh and quick to laugh at himself more than anything. He led from the front even when it wasn’t a good idea. Most often, when it wasn’t a good idea.

Yesterday was painful. A lot bottled up and a fair amount let out in our group of friends from home, brought together less and less frequently these days. Not sure any of us have really taken it in. More acute as he was the first of us to go. Unexpected, abrupt, incomprehensible.

I’ve temporarily suspended our theme week to post this. Sure that’s ok.

“So gentle shoulder charge…’

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