#694: 2011, James Blake, A Case Of You

by Bobby_West on May 20, 2013

James Blake – A Case Of You from onjamesblake.tumblr.com on Vimeo.

This one is for no other reason than I seem to have played this a lot recently. It’s taken from the Enough Thunder EP, bought mainly because of my interest in the joint James Blake-Bon Iver track Fall Creek Boys Choir (‘two bed-wetters in a bed’ as some wag has written on YouTube).

Fall Creek Boys Choir doesn’t really work for me. To be honest, in places it sounds like Phil Collins wrote the backing. But this, the next track on EP, caught my attention the other day and has had repeated plays since. To perhaps my shame it was only after digging around that I realised it was a Joni Mitchell song from 40 years ago. That explains the Canada reference anyway.

I’m frightened by the devil,
And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid’

Absolutely, Joni.

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