Week 17: Prat – Luis Suarez

by Ray_North on April 28, 2013

prat_iconYep, this week’s well deserved Prat of the Week is the Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez

What was he thinking?

I mean there he is one of the most controversial footballers on the planet which makes him one of the most controversial sportsmen, nay, people on the planet. He is the man who handballed on the line in the World Cup Quarter Final; he is the man who once bit an opponent; he is the man who was convicted of using racist language against a fellow player; he is the player who is accused of diving and cheating on a weekly basis – forget the fact that he is a superb proponent of association football, Luis Suarez is also one of the most watched. So what does he do? In a match against Chelsea, live on Sky Sports, who boast that they have more cameras than the BBC at the funeral of a former PM – well, for no reason whatsoever, he decides to bite the fellah who’s marking him.

What. Was. He. Thinking.

Well, Luis Suarez clearly was thinking, what have I got do to win the Allthatsleft Prat of the Week award, and, well, he left us in doubt. Because by grabbing and biting Branislav Ivanovic’s arm in the most obvious way imaginable, he easily won our coveted award.

Luis, you are a prat.
(great footballer mind).

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