Week 13: Villain – President of North Korea, Kim Jong-un

by Ray_North on March 31, 2013

villain_2_iconThis Week’s Villain of the Week is the First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army – Kim Jong-un.

There is something distinctly comical about Kim Jong-un. He looks like that kid in class, who never says a word but, rumour has it, has amassed the greatest score known to man on Medal Raider III or whatever computer game is de-rigour.

He’s portly and wears big specs and has a facial expression, that is, there’s no getting away from it, gormless.

Perhaps it speaks volumes that when we were all nominating our Villain’s for the last week, none of us were quite sure what his name actually was.

Even his succession to power is faintly comical, with him overtaking his elder brother in the affections of his father (the similarly comical Kim Jong Il), after his brother was found trying to sneak out of the country to visit Disneyland.

But, despite having all the ingredients of a world class prat, you have to remember that Kim Jong-un is a young man who is capable of causing a nuclear conflagration. Since becoming President, or supreme leader or whatever title he will choose to call himself, his country, North Korea have increased their testing of long range weapons, expanded their underground testing of nuclear tests and started a long programme of military manoeuvres designed to scare the people of South Korea and cock a snook at the rest of the world.

Last week he declared that North Korea was in a state of war with South Korea. Although, thankfully that declaration appears, at present, to be little more than an exercise in sabre rattling we must not forget that North Korea with its geekish leader have the capability of dropping bombs, not just in their hated neighbours, but as far as Australia, Canada, Iran and Russia – the potential implications of a war, are just terrifying.

Kim Jong-un, has done nothing, absolutely nothing since becoming president to help his people, nor he has done a single thing to ease relations with South Korea and the rest of the world, all he has done is ratchet up the tension in an already tense area. There is no doubt, whatsoever that he is a villain.

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