Week 13: Prat – George Carey

by George_East on March 31, 2013

prat_iconThis week’s Easter winner of our Prat of the Week Award is former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey for his Daily Mail article yesterday in which he accused David Cameron of making Christians ‘feel like a persecuted minority’

Someone once said that Archbishops of Canterbury alternate between intellectual atheists and thick evangelicals.   It is not difficult to figure out which camp Margaret Thatcher’s favourite, George Carey, is in, as he showed once again with his article in Daily Mail yesterday.   

You will have no doubt noticed the pickets outside your local church,  the way in which those of Christian faith are systematically discriminated and generally treated as second class citizens.  No.  Well this is the way the former Archbishop sees it.  Christians are not just a minority (which in any true meaning of ‘Christian’ they assuredly are in the UK) but they are like the first century forebears in the Roman Empire, a ‘persecuted’ minority about to be thrown to the lions for the pleasure of the secular hordes.

Carey’s argument largely comes down to gay marriage.   Even though religions have an express opt out and in the case of Carey’s own church, the Church of England, are expressly precluded from conducting gay weddings, the availability of civil gay marriage persecutes Christians. As I have written before the way in which the Christian opposition to gay marriage is articulated you would think it was about to be made compulsory.

And Carey has form on gay marriage.   Back in October 2012 he described supporters of gay marriage as being ‘like the Third Reich’.   A tad insensitive (or even unchristian) you would think given the very real persecution homosexuals faced in Nazi Germany.  But no for Carey it is the Christian church and Christians who are being persecuted for having to live in the same country as civil gay marriage.

As the great Giles Fraser wrote in response to Carey’s article,  ‘the former Archbishop seems to have a peculiar obsession with gay sex’.

It is sad but also kind of fitting that on Easter Weekend our Prat of the Week is  a leading figure of the Church of England, particularly as tomorrow sees the government unleash the full evil of its welfare reforms on the poorest and weakest in our society.    Instead, of a whisper about this, George Carey is obsessing about the sex life of gay people and trying to police who and how they can love.    The contrast with our Hero of the Week last week, the Head of the Cypriot Church, Archbishop Chystsostomos II could not be more stark.

Someone should just sit him down and tell him, ‘George, mate no one’s going to make you marry a bloke.  But if you want to then that’s fine too…’.  Prat.


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