Week 13: Hero – Eddie Mair

by Charlie_East_West on March 31, 2013


This Week’s Hero of the Week Award goes to the BBC journalist, Eddie Mair.

Boris Johnson is everyone’s loveable political rogue. He is the Teflon coated self styled blustering maverick of British politics. For far too long we have witnessed a certain amount of toadying up to Boris within our media. On the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday, Boris Johnson positioned his rotund derrière on the studio sofa probably expecting a bit of lighthearted Sunday morning political jesting. Eddie Mair decided to do things differently. He gave Boris a Sunday roasting.

We demand one thing above all else from our frontline political journalists – and that is to get our politicians to answer reasonable questions. If their answers are unreasonable, then the questions must become unreasonable. Eddie Mair did this in no uncertain terms with Boris Johnson. He must be applauded for doing so.

Mair ratcheted up the heat on Boris throughout a 15 minute grilling and summarised the inquisition by stating, “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?” – Boris was fleetingly reduced to political husk status. A political exothermic reaction had occurred.

Eddie Mair made Boris Johnson look ridiculous in a way that was much more significant than being stuck on an Olympic zip wire. He exposed the myth and bluster behind Boris Johnson. What was left was a giant void of integrity and explanation.

When asked about the interview, Mair’s response was enlightening:- “We achieved what we wanted out of it, which was to look in detail at some of the stuff that appeared in the documentary that is a less cuddly picture of Boris than the public know and to get him to talk about that.”

Eddie Mair is a worthy winner of our Hero of the Week award. He started a conversation with the elephant in the room surrounding Boris Johnson. Hopefully obsequious political commentators will take note – Eddie Mair may have just initiated the early symptoms Boris Johnson’s tall poppy syndrome.

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