Week 12: Hero – Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus

by Ray_North on March 24, 2013


This Week’s Hero of the Week Award goes to the head of the Cypriot Orthodox Church Archbishop Chrysostomos II

Since the
financial crisis and the resulting chaotic and flawed economic policies that been imposed in various countries in Europe and elsewhere, the Leaders of the World’s most prominent religions have done pretty much nothing of any practical value to assist the people who they would describe as their flock.

Ok, there’s been the odd well meaning sermon here, a couple of worthy comments extolling the need for fairness and equality there, but on the whole, the Church’s of Rome, Lambeth, Mecca and everywhere else sit happily on their wealth.

The Leader of the Cypriot Orthodox Church Archbishop Chrysostomos II is a shining exception to this rule. Rather than quickly act to protect his Churches wealth from the possible collapse of the Cypriot economy and banking system, Chrysostomos, who is clearly an intelligent and knowledgeable man, immediately put the assets and land owned by the Cypriot Church, which apparently is worth a number of billions of euros, at the disposal of the people.

‘The entire wealth of the Church is at the disposal of the country,’ he said,’we can mortgage all of our lands and use the money to buy bonds to help support the government.’

How refreshing to see a religious leader who sees the actual tangible plight of his people as being more important than some fanciful abstract concept of salvation or heaven. How refreshing to see a religious leader who is prepared not just to say a few populist words to salve his own conscience and try to show that he is not totally estranged from ordinary people, but actually coming up with a practical and bold plan that may just help the Cypriots out of the mess that incompetent banks and mindless political institutions have put them.

He is a worthy hero for this week.

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Charlie_East_West March 24, 2013 at 9:22 pm

It is heartening to see a public figure who takes action towards supporting the needs of the impoverished many, rather than public figures implementing towards the needs of the bloated few.


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