#654: 2012, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs, I Watch You

by Ray_North on March 27, 2013

There I was, in the posh sandwich shop, in the back street behind BetFred, you know the one, by the crisps, minding my own business, wondering whether I should order a salami and stilton or a turkey bacon and avocado (I told you it was the posh sandwich shop) – when who should walk in, but Mick Joyce from The Smiths – ‘Micky’ I said, ‘how the devil are you?’ ‘Fantastic,’ he said. And we engaged in our usual elaborate handshake, which culminates in both of us doing a air drum roll.

I resisted the temptation to ask him what he though of the new Johnny Marr album – I mean, it’s too dangerous, one second you’re saying what a genius Marr is, the next you find yourself lauding the old Marr, Morrissey partnership, and a second later you’re asking about the possibility of a Smiths reunion, and that’s it, Mick’s gone – and I respect that, it’s a question a legend like him has to deal with on a daily basis by complete strangers, he could do without being asked it by his mates.

Surprisingly, he asked about George East – I say surprising, because I never thought they got on, not after the incident in a pub in Stoke Newington, when George told him in no uncertain terms that ‘legendary Smiths drummer or not, your views on Japanese post-imperial cinema are quite frankly bollocks.’

‘Actually’, I said, ‘George is doing very well – I’m hoping to see him in a few weeks time at the Field Day Festival.’

‘Oh,’ said Mick, ‘Charlie Boyer is playing there, you’ve got to see them, they’re brilliant.’

I’ve got to admit, at this moment, I got quite cross, ‘Listen Mick’ I said, ‘I know you mean well, with your black denim jeans and you’re slavish adherence to vinyl – but, actually, mate, I’ve been into Charlie Boyer and Voyeurs for ages now. They are a fine, fine guitar based, post-indie combo.’

I must have raised my voice, because the atmosphere in the sandwich shop turned a bit sour – Mick, got himself a ready made ham (no one gets a ready made ham in there) and a bag of cheese and onion, whilst I lingered for a bit and plumped for a scotch egg……

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George_East March 27, 2013 at 11:15 pm

They were that. Didn’t know his Nagisa Oshima from his Kaneto Shindo. Drummers, eh?


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