Week 8: Villain – One Direction

by Ray_North on February 24, 2013

villain_2_iconThis week’s Villain’s are the manufactured boy band One Direction.

We take our music bloody serious on this website. Indeed as I may have recounted before, I once witnessed George East stand within five metres of the lead singer of a not very well known band with his hand raised in two fingered salute for the entirety of that particular band’s set such was his distaste at the music offered by him and his rather insipid mates.

Why is it important? Why are we so authoritarian? Because it matters. Rock and pop music is important, it is the most natural medium by which young people are able to articulate their fears and loves, passions and emotions – that’s why.

And so, some might say, what is a middle-aged bloke like me (I actually take issue with being middle-aged, but that’s another matter!) doing moaning about a bunch of fresh faced young lads, like One Direction, singing in a fairly pleasant way to a crowd of other young kids who clearly love them. Well it is this: first, One Direction may look like a bunch of young fresh faced, good looking boys – but, that is not the point, what they are is an extension of some music industry businessman’s wet dream – some well paid person (probably my age) who has almost certainly got a limited appreciation of good music, but a massive appreciation of what will or won’t make money; someone who will know only too well that a band of anodyne, be-coiffed teenage boys will always sell songs to young teenage girls and make them a bag of cash in the process. One Direction do not write their own music and do not express any feeling or emotion whatsoever – they offer nothing to popular culture except proving how mainstream popular culture is now utterly phoney. And the fact that rock and pop music is now dominated by this shite means that young people are missing out because their music is not owned by them but by accountants, the feelings are not their own, but what they are expected to feel. It’s one big fraud.

But, why moan about it now – well, because, the other crime committed by One Direction is the fact that they had the affront to cover the truly magnificent songs, Teenage Kicks and One Way Or Another. Two truly great songs that One Direction have no right to go anywhere near, two songs that don’t belong to them, two songs that they clearly don’t even understand – I mean Teenage Kicks is a song about masturbation, whilst One Way Or Another is a dark tale, that hints at sexual violence and obsession – One Direction and whichever chump advised them to cover these songs clearly have no insight or imagination or sensitivity.

And so, for helping to perpetuate the death of rock and roll, indeed the death of youth culture, One Direction win our prestigious Villain of the Week Award.

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