Top of The Pops 10s Special: Songs To Learn and Sing Readers’ Top 20 Chart

by George_East on February 27, 2013

This is one I almost missed.  

Although the 1980s, 1970s and 1960s have now had more than 100 Songs To Learn and Sing posted, I had missed the fact that the current decade had reached the 50 song marker, not bad given that there are only three complete years eligible for inclusion.   In fact when the 50 song  marker was reached on 23 December 2012 with Jackie South’s posting of Jake Bugg’s  Two Fingers (#599)there was not even three full years.   We are now up to 54 songs from the current decade – those that have been posted since #599 (including both songs from the current year – David Bowie’s Where Are We Now? and Matthew E White’s Big Love) are not included in this review.

Of course part of the reason that so many songs have been included from the current decade is that it is when we are actually writing.  Great new songs  and, even more, newly discovered artists can still provide a thrill that more familiar material will not.

The stand out thing about the songs that make the top 20 most popular songs from the current decade are how many of them were posted by Bobby West, in the period when he was posting Songs To Learn and Sing (come back Bobby….).   I think it is fair to say that Bobby took a slightly different approach to the rest of us when it came to posting songs, in that he became briefly our default new music correspondent focusing on new and relatively unheralded artists.  I make 9 of the Top 20 to be Bobby’s posts (some relatively well known – Metronomy, Villagers, Dangermouse etc), others much less so (Houndmouth, Gabriel and the Hounds – is there a connection here?). 

Looking at the 50 songs as a whole, there are four artists who have had two songs posted.  The great John Grant (still my favourite discovery of the decade so far) with Jesus Hates Faggots  and the title track from his debut album, The Queen of Denmark (it will be interesting to see whether his soon to be released follow up album is as good); Black Keys, with two singles from their El Camino album released at the end of 2011: Lonely Boy and Gold on The Ceiling; Jackie’s favourite, Steve Earle with Little Emperor and The Gulf of Mexico and in two different capacities, surely the artist of the last decade or so, Jack White, with one song from his solo debut, Bluderbuss, the superb Hypocritical Kiss and his collaboration with Danger Mouse and Danielle Luppi, The World (both of which make the Top 20).

So, these are your top 20 songs from the 2010s. Good to see The Surgeons in there…

  1. #434: 2010, Villagers, That Day;
  2. #462: 2010, Kurran & The Wolfnotes, Hit The Bottle;
  3. #46: 2010, John Grant, Jesus Hates Faggots;
  4. #550: 2012, The Killers, Runaways;
  5. #524: 2012, Houndmouth, Krampus;
  6. #446: 2011, Metronomy, The Bay;
  7. #442: 2011, Dangermouse and Danielle Luppi featuring Jack White, The World;
  8. #94: 2010, Doug Paisley, No One But You;
  9. #506: 2011, Theme Park, A Mountain We Love;
  10. #403: 2011, Lana Del Rey, Video Games;
  11. #194: 2011, Fleet Foxes, Montezuma;
  12. #498: 2012, Gabriel and the Hounds, The World Unfolds;
  13. #278: 2011, PJ Harvey, The Words That Maketh Murder;
  14. #454: 2012, Team Me, With My Hands Covering Both My Eyes I’m Too Scared To Look At You Now;
  15. #496: 2012, First Aid Kit, The Lion’s Roar;
  16. #457: 2012, Jack White, Hypocritical Kiss;
  17. #316: 2011, Steve Earle, Little Emperor;
  18. #405: 2012, Sleigh Bells, Comeback Kid;
  19. #599: 2012, Jake Bugg, Two Fingers;
  20. #449: 2010, The Surgeons, I Saw Stan Bowles At B&Q.

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Bobby_West February 28, 2013 at 6:15 pm

How did The Surgeons get into the bloody top 20!

Can I come back in April?


Ray_North February 28, 2013 at 11:02 pm

The Surgeons are the best thing to come out of Devon my friend!!! I can’t believe that they are as low as number 20!

Look forward to having you awake and bushy tailed and back in April!


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