The DNA of a Tory – Austerity and Privatisation

by Charlie_East_West on February 22, 2013


George Osborne claimed in his autumn statement that the government’s austerity programme would ensure that the budget deficit would fall every year. This claim has already been shot to bits. The Office of Budget Responsibility has warned that lower tax receipts and higher spending meant it was unlikely that the borrowing forecasts would be met in 2012-13. The Social Market Foundation, has also estimated that public borrowing is on course to be over £6bn higher compared to last year, with an underlying deficit of £125.7bn for 2012-13 compared with £119.6bn. As and when Osborne adds gloss to the figures by counting the £2.3bn from the sale of the 4G mobile spectrum licences – borrowing is still going to rise.

Austerity has failed. No matter which way the government decides to skin the cat and manipulate the figures, their economic credibility is torn to shreds. The government has attacked public services, jobs, pensions and pay, and victimised those entitled to welfare. As a result, we have a continued economic downturn and a vortex of social inequality.

I do not know what is worse – the continued economic downtown, or the continued downturn of imaginative thinking within our government to deal with the crisis. As always, the government’s economic priorities are misplaced –  £30bn of welfare and tax credit cuts, yet £30bn to given back to businesses in tax breaks. A huge focus towards £1.2bn of benefit fraud, while £120bn of tax is avoided and not collected.

Despite the mountain of evidence stacking up against austerity, the government will never ever change course. The current path of austerity is written into the DNA of a Tory. They have a default setting implanted somewhere in their brains that triggers public sector reduction and massive amounts of privatisation. I suspect that even in a period economic prosperity, a Tory-led regime would still place the axe over the public sector, and place a silver platter towards private sector tendering opportunities.

We are all being hoodwinked by the austerity agenda. The government is presenting its plans as simply ‘dealing with the deficit’ or ‘we are all in this together’, but that is a smokescreen for another agenda. The government wants to cut and privatise public services because it believes that there is a free market for absolutely bloody everything. This rampaging privatisation by fair means or foul includes hospitals, schools, utilities, prisons and transport networks. If a Tory could privatise thin air, then, they would. People would be starved of oxygen if a Tory thought that a fat cat could lick up a bit of profit.

I have a basic, yet fundamental issue with all of this. I believe that any essential human need should be owned by us, and protected by our government. When this is stripped away and offered to a profit making private organisation, the inevitable happens. Prices go up, and service provision goes down.

There is an alternative to this horror story. In my humble little opinion, any government should have the following objective hanging in a frame in their office as a reminder of responsibility: – prioritise need of the majority above the greed of the minority. 

The Tories will march on, slashing public services, discriminating against the poor, and behaving like a toadying fat-cat lick spittle. They are Tories, and that is what they do.

I will leave the last words with Charlie Brooker’s brutal synopsis of the Conservative Party:-
The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots, toffs, money-minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some essential part of their soul missing. None of history’s truly historical figures has been a Tory, apart from the ones that were, and they only did it by mistake. To reach a more advanced stage of intellectual evolution, humankind must first eradicate the “Tory instinct” from the brain – which is why mother nature is gradually making them less sexy with each passing generation. The final Tory is doomed to spend his or her life masturbating alone on a hillside, which, let’s face it, is the way things were supposed to be all along.”

Harsh, but fair.

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George_East February 22, 2013 at 11:40 am

Austerity was always going to fail. It could not work. It was based on the idea that contractionary economics would be expansionary. It was a contradiction in terms. It was either a con from the get go or the result of 30 years of disastrous faith based economics meaning that all of the learning of the last 80 years went out the window.
The most scary thing is how much of a media consensus there is, even now, around an austerity agenda. It is known, that cuts must be made because…well, just because. Labour isn’t being serious because it hasn’t properly embraced an austerity agenda etc etc.
Osborne is the worst chancellor since Neville Chamberlain in the 1930s and I may be being unfair to Chamberlain.
As you say it is what Tories are for.


Charlie_East_West February 22, 2013 at 11:04 pm

Now our AAA rating has disappeared – Osborne’s own credit rating disappears with it.


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