#626: 1978, Blondie, One Way or Another

by Jackie_South on February 20, 2013

Having endured The Brits on telly, and in particular the excruciating Teenage Kicks-One Way or Another mash-up by the awful One Direction, I thought I ought to remind us all how slight it was compared to the originals. Ray posted Teenage Kicks (a candidate for greatest single ever) a couple of years back, so it must be time for Ms Harry at her most unhinged.

Comparing One Direction’s saccharine, cuddly performance against this shows what a mistake those manufactured mummy’s boys have made.  Blondie‘s original  has an electric, slightly terrifying, quality whilst simultaneously dripping with a menacing allure.  And then there is the fantastic angry, sleazy, guitar riff which goes off into its own flights of lunacy at points.

It is also one of the great revenge songs: Debbie Harry plays it as a psychotic vamp, but in fact it is about an obsessive ex-boyfriend who was stalking her.

On the other hand, you might think One Direction’s song was about trying to tickle someone with a rather limp stick of celery.

In the contest of the Harrys, Debbie beats Styles hands down.

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