#533: 2004, The Hold Steady, Killer Parties

by George_East on August 29, 2012

With Jackie South stuck in New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Isaac and the Republicans in the middle of their convention in Tampa in this US presidential election year, this song came to mind as in the summer of 2008 in the run up to the last Presidential election Jackie South and I were dodging hurricanes in Florida as we made our way from Washington DC to the Florida Keys.

Unlike Jackie this year, we were pretty lucky.We were only affected by the weather on one day, when we were in Tampa and the heavens opened up and the wind began to rise.  This resulted in my second most expensive cab ride ever as Jackie and I decided to go to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, which turned out to be a lot further away than it looked on the map.  The cabbie was so pleased with the fare that he volunteered to wait around while we were in the museum at no extra charge, just so he could have the pleasure of charging us again for the journey back to the hotel.

That evening Jackie and I went to Ybor City, the bar and nightclub neighborhood of Tampa and got very very drunk. We ended up in some Irish bar and I think annoyed the shit out of some young Americans we met trying to teach them how to play darts properly.  501 and all that.

Which brings me to this song from The Hold Steady’s superb debut album, Almost Killed Me which kind of sums up the hedonism of the place:

˜If she says we partied then I’m pretty sure we partied.

I really don’t remember.

I remember we departed from our bodies.

We woke up in Ybor city.’

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Ray_North August 29, 2012 at 4:56 pm

Crikey moses – Jackie playing darts, annoy the Americans, I’m surprised he didn’t maim then!


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