All That’s Left’s Slate Success in Labour NEC Elections

by Jackie_South on June 20, 2012

Last month, we reviewed the election of the Labour Party’s constituency section of its National Executive Committee.  The polls closed last Friday and the results were announced today.  We also unveiled our own slate from the runners and riders.

There were two official slates running: the Grassroots Alliance on the left and the Progress/ Labour First slate on the right.  In addition, there were seven ‘independents’ not running on a slate.  All the current six members (Livingstone, Black, Shawcroft on the Grassroots list, Reeves and Akehurst on the Progress slate and Baxter as an independent) ran again.

Only one of those six lost their place: Luke Akehurst was replaced by another Progress slate member, Peter Wheeler, leaving the balance of the slates as it was before.  Wheeler made a big play for the northern vote given the metropolitan bias on the NEC at the moment which looks to have enabled him to win through.  That said, it was very close between the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth placed candidates.

Our own slate did better than either that of Grassroots or Progress, with four getting elected: Livingstone, Reeves, Shawcroft and Baxter.  Johanna Baxter’s victory deserves special mention as the only independent to win through on her record: none of the others reached half her tally.

The results are shown below: Grassroots candidates shown in green, Progress in purple and Independents in red, with successful candidates votes shown in bold and the unsuccessful ones with the lighter columns.  Our All That’s Left slate are identified with an ‘a‘.

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