#479: 1996, Black Grape, England’s Irie

by Jackie_South on June 7, 2012

Yesterday,  following Bobby’s posting of Colourbox’s The Moon Is Blue, Ray sent Bobby, George and I an email suggesting a football-related theme week to mark the start of the European Football Championship. The definition of “football-related” was kept loose, but I’ve decided to take a direct punt up the field on this one.

George has already posted one of the all-time footie greats.  Like Bobby, I toyed with the obvious World In Motion and also considered Vindaloo. As much as I liked the latter at the time, I’m not sure it has aged that well.

Which is unlike my eventual pick, which got a little drowned out at the time of the 1996 Euros by Three Lions, but to my mind is a far better song.  Like both World In Motion and Vindaloo, it was partly written by Keith Allen, but it has some brilliant Shaun Ryder stream of consciousness lyrics:

Hey diddle-diddle, there’s a fella in the middle and I think he’s pulling my string
My wife’s lactating and I’m spectating
It’s a football thing

Oh, and Joe Strummer also gave a helping hand.  Marvelous stuff.

For Monday’s game, let’s hope we can…

Raise a glass, a perfect pass,
and dribble around my socks
Check my shirt and drink my shots
And squeeze me in the box

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