by Jackie_South on May 7, 2012

Congratulations, France.  The result might have been tighter than the polls suggested, but Francois Hollande‘s victory yesterday gives new hope to the left in Europe.

The writing was clearly on the wall when George Osborne spun on the Andrew Marr show yesterday that Hollande was in favour of austerity, and drew a distinction between this and the Labour Party’s approach.  In fact, as his victory speech made clear, Hollande is far more clearly anti-austerity than the Eds.

With the final votes (from French voters living abroad) now in, the results for the second round look like this:

Soon after the first round, a number of polls had shown Hollande ten points ahead.  This lead shrunk over the next two weeks as Sarkozy fought to regain ground, tightening to a 5% gap in a number of polls on Friday.  In the end, the result was tighter still: a 3.2% lead for Hollande (51.6%-48.4%).

Looking at the votes geographically, it is clear that the west of France swung further behind Hollande and the east further towards Sarkozy.

Comparing the map below with the one I posted from the first round, you can see that regions like Alsace and Provence shifted considerably to the right.  Lorraine, which had narrowly given more votes to Hollande in the first round, gave more to Sarkozy yesterday.

Areas like Limousin and Midi-Pyrenees on the other hand swung further to Hollande, and he picked up two regions that Sarkozy won in the first round: Lower Normandy and Pays de la Loire.  The southwest and Brittany were particularly good for Hollande.

Hollande narrowly won in Lyon, which Sarkozy had won in the first round.  The other major cities stayed loyal to their first round victor – even Strasbourg and Mulhouse  stayed with Hollande despite the strengthening of Sarkozy’s vote in Alsace.

The various overseas territories swung a bit to the left in the second round, with Hollande extending his lead in French Guiana whilst Sarkozy’s in Mayotte and the overseas non-department territories shrank.  This was true as well to a lesser extent with the votes of French voters living abroad, where Sarkozy’s lead fell from 9.7% to 6.1%.

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Raymond Nord May 7, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Magnifique indeed!
The greatest French Left-Winger since Dominique Rocheteau!
Allez France!
Me and the Nord family are packing our bags and moving forthwith!


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