Week 16: Hero – Francois Hollande

by Jackie_South on April 22, 2012

This week, our award for the greatest hero of the last seven days goes to French presidential hopeful, Francois Hollande.

With today’s first round of the French presidential elections, there could be only one possible hero of the week here at All That’s Left.  Step forward, Monsieur Normal.

Polling suggests that the first round will be a close contest between Sarkozy and Hollande, but with Hollande ahead and then placed to pick up the lion’s share of the remaining votes in the second round.  A victory for Hollande would not only be the first major victory for the left in an election in the last four years (although there have of course been left victories in smaller European nations – Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia and, to some extent, Ireland) but also one on an unashamedly progressive left programme.

Ed Miliband take note: Hollande looks set to win an election on a platform of greater regulation of the financial markets, ditching the Markozy austerity straight-jacket and tax increases for those who can afford it: big business and the very rich.  Indeed the loudest criticism of his proposed 75% tax rate for those earning over €1m a year comes from Melenchon-supporting lefties saying it isn’t enough.

A Hollande victory will be a clear signal that there is a real alternative to the politics of austerity.

Allez Hollande!  Allez Monsieur Flamby!

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