#453: 1975, Bob Dylan, Tangled Up In Blue

by Ray_North on April 26, 2012

In another time and another place, it was a hot summer – I would lie in my bed and listen to my vinyl copy of the album Blood On The Tracks on my little white record player. I knew very little about Bob Dylan, I did not understand that this was the album in which he articulated the pain from the break up of his marriage to Sara Lownds; I had yet to read any of the reviews that stated that this was a brilliant and important album. I just liked the songs. I liked the guitars. I appreciated the way in which he sings in a wonderfully subtle and understated way, controlled passion from which he only rarely breaks free to reach a crescendo of emotion.

This song is simply brilliant.

The lyrics are wonderful – Dylan casts a spell on us, bringing us into a world of red-haired women wearing home made dresses, topless bars and men working in Great North Woods before reading poems by an Italien poet from the 13th Century – it is almost, fairytale, a surreal love story – her marriage, their affair, his itinerant life and her disapproving parents – you feel you know the world he has created, but you don’t, not really, you’re not meant to.

This is a great, great song from an album that might just be my favourite of all time.

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Geoff Elliott April 27, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Wonderful song. Great album. No further comment necessary.


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