#451: 2010, Mystery Jets, Lorna Doone

by Jackie_South on April 24, 2012

I scratched my head a little for my second song pick for our Devon and Cornwall theme week.  Mick Fleetwood was originally from Cornwall – did I dare post something by Fleetwood Mac? Could I get away with posting Peaches by The Stranglers on the grounds it is about beaches and sung by Hugh Cornwell?

Then I realised that just because Devon and Cornwall is the theme, it does not mean that the singer or group need to come from there.  If Carolinian Ryan Adams is good enough for New York week, perhaps I should be posting a song about Devon.

That brings me to this, a song based on RD Blackmore’s classic novel about outlaws on Exmoor and inability to escape the orbit of what appears to be a doomed romance, by Twickenham-set band the Mystery Jets.

The song’s opening is a great tumbling drum-and-chord build-up a little reminiscent of Catatonia’s International Velvet.  Then there are the great opening lyrics (admittedly a slightly indulgent 90 seconds in):

There is blood on your hands
And I can’t bear to see how it hangs
Like a millstone round your neck
Slowly driving you down

Great stuff.   Now where did I put that Fleetwood Mac?

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Mike Killingworth April 25, 2012 at 2:01 pm

And when you get around to Essex week, you’ll want this, won’t you?



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