#450: 2008, Seth Lakeman, Race To Be King

by Bobby_West on April 23, 2012

So they called my bluff.  I really didn’t expect my Allthatsleft colleagues to go along with the Devon and Cornwall theme week on Songs to Learn and Sing and, as George noted, I was so sure that I hadn’t even begun to think about what my second song would be when I suggested it.

When I say my colleagues have gone along with the theme week I’m not convinced that they’ve entirely entered the spirit of it, and in particular Ray with the aural punishment that is I Saw Stan Bowles At B&Q. I guess I am sort of to blame for this being posted and I can only apologise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind some simple three chord punk (or even one chord, as Jackie posted) but my God what was that! Time for The Surgeons to disgracefully retire I think.

A little research over the last couple of days has actually shown me that there was a wealth of musical connections to Devon and Cornwall that Ray could have chosen from (admittedly not all of it good though).  I won’t go into details in case it proves to be a spoiler for the last song in the theme week but I was pleased to find out that Dave Davies of the Kinks used to live in our village.  Definitely the most exciting fact about my adopted new home.

Now I know that the Dartmoor based Seth Lakeman won’t be to everyone’s tastes. In general I’m not a big fan with too many lyrical cliches and musically too often drifting from English folk into AOR radio friendly mainstream. But I like this and he is clearly best with violin in hand.  And if nothing else it’s an excuse to show some video of the Minack open air theatre, hand crafted out of the cliffs on the far south western Cornish coast.  All in all this is a pretty big contrast to the modern, cool South West of Metronomy I previously posted. And if you don’t like it just think it could have been worse, it could have been Coldplay.

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