Week 10: Hero – Lionel Messi

by Ray_North on March 11, 2012

This week’s Hero of the Week, for his five goal performance in the Champions League – Argentina and Barcelona Number 10 – Lionel Messi

Far and away the greatest footballer that ever lived who was named Lionel!
Of course, we’ve never met him, but, he’s one of those footballers who you like to imagine is pretty relaxed, humble and down to earth – I couldn’t imagine for a second that he would storm off for five months if he was substituted; or dive in the penalty box (not that he needs to win penalties to score); or appear in a glossy magazine because he needs constant adulation; or make a derogatory remark about an opponents sister or demand an extra €100,000 a week to go on top of the many hundreds of thousands of €s a week he already earns. No I like to think that Lionel or the Flea, still goes home to mother and steel maker father in Rosario (thanks Wiki) to have dinner at their favourite steak house.

Of course I could be wrong, but, my hunch is that I’m not.

The other night I happened to see on late night ESPN a re-run of Georgie Best’s glorious six goal performance against Northampton Town in the 1970 FA Cup. It was wonderful to watch – Georgie at his sublime gorgeous best (sorry) – undoubtedly a true genius and as I watched it, I thought, that Best’s was an immortal performance. Little did I think that the very next night I would see a performance by Messi that made Best’s haul look like a school yard kick around – not meaning to, in any way deride Georgie, but Northampton were truly crap, whilst Messi’s five came against Bayer Leverkausen, one of the giants of the German Bundesliga and a team boasting nine internationals.

The first a wonderful run on to a through ball followed by a chip over the keeper.
The second, amazing close control on the edge of the box with a drive into the corner to finish.
The third, another run onto a through ball, incredible control, strength, and another chip over the keeper.
The fourth, perfect positioning and a drive past the keeper from an impossibly acute angle.
The fifth, a pearler from the edge of the area.

When there is so much wrong with football and footballers, these goals and this performance were just a delight. Thank you Lionel you are a true hero! Take it away:

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Eddie Kaye March 12, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Scary thing is he looks like he could do it blind folded – what a player.


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