#429: 2012, Mark Lanegan Band, The Gravedigger’s Song

by George_East on March 27, 2012

Some artists get better with age – Mark Lanegan is one of those.  I always thought The Screaming Trees were ok but, if truth be told, a bit of a second rate grunge band and I never really wholly bought into the Queens of The Stone Age thing, even if I have got a couple of their albums gathering dust somewhere on my shelves. Lanegan also seems to get more prolific with age.

But over the last decade there has been a whole bunch of great projects.  The stunning series of albums with former Belle & Sebastian front woman and cellist, Isobel Campbell with the contrast between his dark, gravelly vocals one part Nick Cave, one part Tom Waits,  and her scottish indie lightness.  The stripped bare slice of Lynchian American gothic with Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs, 2008’s brilliant Saturnalia as the Gutter Twins.

And now one of the best albums of the year so far, Blues Funeral.  This track has a wonderfully twisted mournful and a little menacing vocal over a driving, almost techno beat. It opens with the line:

With piranha teeth, I’ve been dreaming of you’

It doesn’t get much prettier after that.

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