#379: 1991, Manic Street Preachers, You Love Us

by Ray_North on January 15, 2012

In another time in another place I’ve gone home for the weekend, back to Wales and warmth and cleanliness a million miles from our Hackney flat. As I do, back then, I’ve arranged for a boys night of beer and pubs, the kind of night that ends with a kebab or a curry or, occasionally a fight.

I wait for my mate – Huw Moggsey, there’s a Welsh Culture Programme on the tele. I’m half watching it, but my mind is on my night ahead. Then this song comes on – The Manic Street Preachers, You Love Us – oh, the attitude: defiant, unpretentious in a totally pretentious way, slightly odd and a little bit embarrassing in an acceptably youthful way; and those guitars, I love those guitars; and the beat change towards the end of the song – I love this song and I love this band. And, what is more, I am surely the first in the flat to have heard of them. Suddenly I’m looking forward to getting back to Hackney and lauding my new discovery, The Manic Street Preachers, over my flatmates.

I arrive back in our flat on Sunday night – I’ve discovered a brilliant new band, I tell them and present the 12″ single. Bloody hell – Bobby West and George East have been into them for weeks without telling me. Yeah, right, hours more like!

It doesn’t matter. It’s a brilliant song, from a brilliant band at their wonderfully awkward and exuberant early stage of their career.

If you’d have told me that they would still be making music twenty years later, I wouldn’t have believed you! If you’d told me I would still be trying to impress Bobby and George and Jackie, I wouldn’t have believed you either!

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