#245: 1972, Lou Reed, Vicious

by Jackie_South on August 2, 2011

Yesterday, George’s song choice included an affectionate subtle dig at our colleague and friend Ray for not posting songs whilst he’s on holiday. I have to say, being on holiday seems a perfectly acceptable excuse to me, and not just because I leave for my own on Friday.

The day before, I posted The Distillers’ slating their home town.  So, to keep to the theme of love-hate tunes having a go at things you are close to, here’s Lou Reed’s attack on his former patron Andy Warhol.  It seems that the early seventies were a bitter time: this comes a year after John Lennon ripped into Paul McCartney with How Do You Sleep?

This track from Transformer (produced by the way by David Bowie) came two years after Reed left the Velvet Underground and sums up his anger at Warhol’s passive-aggressiveness brilliantly:

You hit me with a flower
You do it every hour
Oh baby, you’re so vicious

He also seems to allude to having to spurn Warhol’s advances:

You want me to hit you with a stick
But all I’ve got is a guitar pick


Hey, why don’t you swallow razor blades?
You must think that I’m some kind of gay blade

Nasty stuff, and of course the inspiration behind John Lydon nicknaming his mate Sid Vicious (via a hamster!).

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