#244: 1992, The Lemonheads, It’s A Shame About Ray

by George_East on August 1, 2011


Those of you who are paying close attention may have noticed that my posting of the Silver Jews’ Aloyisius, Bluegrass Drummer at STLAS #242 was followed not, in the usual order of things, by Ray North, but by Jackie South’s skate punk posting yesterday. The simple reason for this is that even though Ray has only gone to visit the cheese eating surrender monkeys of France, he has no internet connection.  Like plumbing, it seems that technology is not our Gallic cousins’ strong point.

I have managed to post from Berlin, Morocco (and in fact the Dordogne in, er, France) since we launched Allthatsleft but sadly Ray has not been able to find a connection.  His contributions to Songs To Learn and Sing will, of course, temporarily be sorely missed.  And what better song to sum up our sentiments than The Lemonheads’ breakthrough 1992 single, from the very year in which Ray, Jackie, Bobby and I shared a flat.

It is a great piece of early 90s melodic indie slacker rock (perfect for Bobby). It was so fashionable back in the day Johnny Depp appeared in the video.  It is also a good reminder that not everything decent to come out of the US was grunge in the early 90s.

Jackie and I will continue to look after the shop until Ray returns (or Bobby wakes up).

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