London 2012, Olympic Hopefuls #3: Alison Williamson, Archery

by Ray_North on July 21, 2011

Alison Williamson is so cool she probably doesn’t even have a fridge at home. At the 2004 Olympic Games she came from nowhere to reach the semi-finals of the Women’s Target Archery and ended up in a shoot-off for the bronze medal. In the tightest of finishes it came down to the last arrow – she needed to a higher score than her opponent the much more fancied Yuan Shu Chi of Chinese Taipai – the whole of the world was watching. Our heroine didn’t even flinch – phwak went the arrow, bullseye, and the bronze was hers – get in!

Like all great athletes Alison and her colleagues make it look easy – but anyone who has tried to fire an arrow towards a tiny 10cm diameter target from 125m away, will agree with me that it is really, really, really hard. In fact most of us would be a danger to anyone sitting in the main stand. Now, imagine doing that in the Olympic Games, knowing that a couple of millimetres could stand between you and a medal. Unbelievable.

We’ve chosen Alison because of her dedication, skill and ability and also because she has achieved much of it wearing a fantastic Madchester style fishing hat – which just adds to her cool.

She is now a veteran of five Olympic Games, but is showing no sign of losing her appetite or brilliance and in April of this year won gold at the European Championships despite suffering from an arm injury.

Alison – we salute you. Good luck in 2012. Don’t forget the hat.

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