#178: 1965, The Beatles, Drive My Car

by Jackie_South on May 18, 2011

Another week, another Liberal Democrat minister made to look foolish.  This week, Chris Huhne’s estranged wife Vicky Pryce alleged that Huhne had “pressurised people to take his driving licence penalty points“.

Maybe this song was his inspiration.  Maybe his relationship with Carina Trimingham started with the words “Baby You Can Drive My Car” (or at least take the points for it).  After all, McCartney’s less than subtle lyrics were a blues euthemism for sex.

The track is from Rubber Soul, which marks The Beatles’ transition from being the greatest pop group of the time to Greatness, full stop, with bold experimentation about taking music beyond the bounds of Rock’n’Roll.

This one’s for you, Chris.

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