#87: 1995, Pulp, Common People

by Jackie_South on February 13, 2011

When we started Songs To Learn And Sing, there was always the danger that we would spend too much time playing lots of nineties stuff.  In fact, it’s worked out rather differently – we have only had thirteen, and none in the last 22 songs.  Time to put that right.

It is also pretty strange that this band has yet to make it on the list.  Pulp were a critical part of Britpop, and yet seemed to inhabit a space of their own: whilst other bands either changed their sound or started up to fit in with the scene, Pulp appeared to just be doing what they had been doing for years until the world happened to fit around them.

Common People is a piece of witty genius borne of Cocker’s Sheffield background and his time at St Martin’s College of Art.  The video too is a classic, with Sadie Frost (with a far from common background herself) playing the starring role.

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