Villain of the Year Awards 2010

by Ray_North on January 2, 2011

Can I just say how proud I am to have been asked to announce the winners of this years Allthatsleft Villain of the Year Awards. Without further ado, in reverse order:

4th equal: Labour’s Tribal Dinosaurs.
By this we mean those stalwarts of New Labourism: David Blunkett, John Reid, John Prescott and others, they know who they are! They are guilty of a number of crimes: none of them had the balls to stand up against the Iraq war, when it appears that none of them were actually in favour of it and none of them had the ability to smooth over the obvious problems that existed between Blair and Brown – but this award is about 2010, and this year this bunch of old cronies contributed one single thing to Britain, in the days after the general election, they did everything they could to scupper any potential deal between Labour and the Lib-Dems – if this bunch of villains had had more imagination and more ability, then we could now be governed by a truly progressive coalition rather than the ideologues of the Tory right wing.

4th equal: John Terry.
If anyone epitomises the mindless thuggish vulgarity of the modern footballer, it is John Terry – overpaid, pampered and arrogant, this overrated centre half can’t even muster a good haircut. This year, even I, a Welshman, listened eagerly along with everyone else before the World Cup as John Terry spoke about the passion that existed within the English squad that would ensure that ‘the boys’ bought the trophy home. In truth the only passion that John Terry showed was in the bedroom with his teammate’s girlfriend because during the World Cup itself, John Terry (along with all his team mates to be fair) was absolutely woeful. He is a villain because in the cosseted world in which the modern premiership footballer lives there is no understanding of the dreams of those who pay to watch them.

4th equal: Eric Pickles.

At Allthatsleft we believe in the importance of local government. The provision of essential services is not something that you can simply hope might happen in some kind of ‘big society’ or trust to the vagaries of the private sector – no, local government is essential (th0ugh perhaps many people don’t realise how important it is until it is no longer working properly or is taken away from them). Eric Pickles, the bejowled, bluff Northern cliche, is the Local Government Minister who, in October, announced ‘fair’ cuts on average of 7.25% to local government spending – how these can in any way be fair is beyond me, but what was even more villainous than the implementation of these swingeing cuts was the fact that he mislead us all by underplaying the extent of the cuts, which will actually mean an average of 14.6%  less per local authority – that’s less libraries and youth clubs and street lights and meals on wheels……..

3rd: Nick Clegg.

Oh Nick, Nick, Nick, what have you done – this could have been your year! You could have truly achieved so much. Back  in April and May when the nation was agreeing with you and you were promising a truly progressive and liberal alternative we believed you, indeed some of us were even moved to vote for you. Then what do you? You ditch almost everything that you’ve stood for and campaigned for and enter enthusiastically into a full coalition with the Tories, and not just any Tories, a group of Tories who are truly wedded to the ideological Thatcherite belief in laissez faire economics and a radical reduction in everything that is striven for by the state – you are a villain Nick, because you lied, you sold your principles so cheaply and because you are not clever enough to realise that radical liberal economics and radical liberal social thinking just aren’t compatible.

2nd: George Osborne.

George Gideon Osborne, a man so loathed that even the Tories realise that they can’t let him out in public. His crimes need little by way of repetition, he is the Chancellor who has introduced the most profound programme of austerity since the 1920s – and he does it with such ill-disguised glee. This is a man who is the son of the 17th Baronet of Tipperary and mutli-millionaire; public school educated who went from Cambridge to Conservative Central Office to Parliament – and here he is suggesting that we are all in it together. Well, I wish that this villain could spend a week living in the shoes of some of the people whose jobs he has taken away, or whose benefits he has cut. These awards are merely a bit of fun – but I fear that a generation of forgotten underclass will end up as a permanent monument to George Osbrone.

1st: David Cameron.

It is fitting that the inaugural  Allthatsleft Villain of the Year awards should be won by someone as truly awfully villainous as David Cameron. David Cameron is the worst of all villains, he is suave and plausible and clever. He wants to be your friend. Politically he gives the impression of wanting to be inclusive and moderate, but the reality is very different, in reality David Cameron is the stuff of nightmares, he is an ideologically trenchant Thatcherite, he wants to roll back the state, he wants to privatise and cut and protect the interests of those who share his same social upbringing. We at Allthatsleft grew up under Thatcher – in our formative years, we sniffed our surroundings and instinctively raged against the inequality and unfairness we saw all around us, we knew that there was a better, fairer way of doing things and we intend to do as much as we can to ensure that this generation are not blighted by Cameron in the same way that our generation was so affected by Thatcher.


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