#59: 2008, Fleet Foxes, Mykonos

by Ray_North on January 13, 2011

Almost exactly a year ago. I am in a cottage with four people who I haven’t seen nearly enough of for fifteen years. I am blissfully content in the company of old friends who know me so well that I can be truly relaxed, truly myself. We share the same points of reference, we share many of the same experiences and now we each have our own new history to talk about and recount and discover.

Pissed, we start to take it in turns putting music on the stereo, guitars from our youth, dancing, singing, memories. Then Bobby gets up to change the track, I get up at the same time – we both lunge for the IPod dock – me clutching something New Wave, he, clutching this track, this wonderful, wonderful song. Oh, go on then, say I, and moments later, I am introduced to Mykonos by Fleet Foxes.

When I got back to reality on the Monday, the first thing I did was buy the album.

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