#47: 1978, The Undertones, Teenage Kicks.

by Ray_North on January 1, 2011

The first song of 2011 had to be a huge tune, a tune which, despite the fact that it has been played within an inch of it’s life, is still an epic song, entirely flawless in it’s pop majesty. Teenage Kicks is that song.
I can’t say that I first heard it being lauded by John Peel, because that would be a lie, but I did hear it as kid when it first came out, played endlessly by my older sister in her bedroom next to mine as I played Subutteo.
Since then it has become the song that I play if I want a two and half minute hit of pure unadulterated energy.
From that opening couple of hits of the snare drum it carries on with that brilliantly simple guitar riff, driven along by a wonderful bassline.
It is a song that you have to dance to. It is masculine and immature, yet enthused with an amazing amount of energy – simply, it says absolutely everything about being a teenage boy.
I hope that it is the last song that I ever hear.

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