#45: 2003, White Stripes, Seven Nation Army

by Jackie_South on December 30, 2010

As this is my last 2010 entry on Songs to Learn and Sing, I’m plumping for what in my humble opinion is the best band of the twenty-first century, not least to create a bit of debate.

I’m not sure why it has taken us to STLAS #45 to get to the White Stripes. This is stripped back music at its best: using just drums and guitar and yet nothing is missing (admittedly, in this song there is a bit of a cheat in the guitar being played twice, once an octave down to sound bass-like).

Of course, great bands are also about appearance. The White Stripes use of a limited three-colour palate of red, white and black is a piece of genius that both makes an instantly memorable image and emphasises the minimalist approach to their music. Early on, there was the playful tease with the music press about what the relationship between Jack and Meg White was to generate some pop star mystique.

This video makes best use of that minimalist image, through the simple infinite triangle motif that speeds up and slows back down with the tempo.

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