Should the Lords have stopped Brexit?

by Ray_North on February 27, 2017

UnknownThere is an unfortunate irony that, sadly, one of the most interesting periods in national and international politics has coincided with us here at Allthatsleft going into self-imposed stasis.

I write this, because I’ve been considering just how bad things could get – I write this because things that seemed absurd only a year or so ago now seem horribly possible: institutional and governmental racism; the break up of NATO and the EU; a strange Russian/American pact dominating politics in the Middle East; the death of the Labour Party; a breakdown in the reporting of honest factual news.

It’s awful.

I wonder aloud, what event might send me to the barricades. Would I man the barricades in defence of the EU? Would I man the barricade in opposition to Donald Trump? I don’t know. But, perhaps, in these times where it appears that our world is becoming increasingly dominated by people who are acting with an utter contempt for democracy, then it is the very levers of democracy that we must defend, because without democracy, accountability and a proper separation of powers, then Donald Trump and his like will dominate without even breaking a sweat.

Last week, the House of Lords debated Brexit and the triggering of Article 50. Predictably the level of debate in terms of passion and knowledge was far superior to that heard in the Commons. But, what troubled me was the idea held by those who tried to derail the Bill that somehow the Lords could overturn the result of a referendum where the people had declared a desire for a certain course of action.

Don’t get me wrong, my view is unchanged, Brexit is the biggest disaster that has befallen this country since the 1930s. The debate was dominated by lies and threats with a cruel undercurrent of racism and bigotry. Politically it was ill-conceived, a desperate political con trick dreamt up by a Prime Minister who was treating our country like a roulette wheel; economically and socially it is a mess, plunging the next generation (at least) into massive uncertainty.

But, in terms of process, it was sound. The Referendum Bill was brought before Parliament by the democratically elected government, it was passed in Parliament and went before the people. The people voted. There is no provision in our electoral law to prevent one party or other in a referendum from disseminating misinformation (there is in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), nor is there any provision to re-run a referendum because the debate was poor and no one had a clue what Brexit actually meant and that now, in the cold light of day, it’s clear that the question that was posed to the people was completely unsuited for the hugeness of the task.

If Brexit has shown us anything, it is that now more than ever we need politicians and journalists who are intelligent enough, honest enough and diligent enough to hold our government to account. The standard of reporting during Brexit was woeful (often by intent rather than incompetence), and this failure together with the preponderance of nonsense that appears on Twitter and Facebook masquerading as news or fact is really troubling. But, the journalists are not the only ones who are to blame, the failure of the Official Opposition to put together a coherent argument about Brexit is scandalous.

But, these are things that can be improved. And one way in which they can be improved is if politicians and journalists start treating the electorate with a certain amount of respect by presenting them with proper honest argument rather than the soundbites, slogans and rhetoric that has become commonplace.

And that’s important.

And, it is why it is right that the Brexit Bill was not derailed in the House of Lords as the very fact that an unelected chamber might have been able to overturn the result of a lawful referendum is absolutely preposterous. The result would have been an even greater erosion of our democracy, an already disaffected electorate would have been appalled, quite rightly asking themselves what is the point of voting on anything if their declaration can be overturned by an unelected second chamber.

Sadly, Brexit is a total mess, but it’s hard to think of a way in which it can be properly halted, slow-down, changed, or even influenced. But, in these turbulent times, the last thing that anyone should contemplate is using the deficiencies in our democratic institutions to undermine the voice of the people regardless of how mistaken that voice may be – because that way lies a future that is desperately scary and desperately uncertain, a future where extremists, dictators and fascists suddenly become a possibility rather than a nightmare.


Trumpton, USA – A Place Called Hate

by Charlie_East_West on January 31, 2017


“I still believe in a place called Hope.”
~ Bill Clinton, 1992.

In America 2017, hope has left the building. Hate has walked in, pimped out the White House with gold furnishings and started a real life version of Lord of the Flies.

Obama was in the White House for 8 years, and managed to navigate the pitfalls of presidential incumbency without embarrassment, scandal or loss of dignity. Trump has been in the White House for less than two weeks and already the new administration is acting like it is the last days of Saigon.

We live in discombobulating times. We are witnessing a surge of right wing populism across the Western world that is unparalleled since the 1930s. This form of populism has been conveniently repackaged and rebranded as the “alt-right”, but this is a smokescreen for what it really is, namely, white supremacism or even fascism.

Despite the rebranding of fascism under the moniker of “alt-right”, we are witnessing similarities along the historical curve shown in the 1930s:-

- Financial crash
- Austerity
- Decline in living standards
- The rise of right wing populism
- Xenophibic nationalism
- Hatred of “others”

We need to think this through before it is too late. Because history has shown us that this story doesn’t end well. History of this sort should never be allowed to repeat itself.

There are however, some naunced differences. We now live in a world where the Chancellor of Germany warns the President of the United States that he is contravening Geneva Convention.
History has turned on its head.

Trump has started his presidency like a bull in a china shop. He has issued a stream of executive orders that violate the human and civil rights of people firmly established by common decency, founding values, the law and the U.S. Constitution.

Unlike most politicians, he is actually implementing what he promised on the campaign trail. The wall, Muslim ban (albeit through selective county by country banning that avoids countries that house many of his businesses) and overseas abortion aid cuts have already had the ink spilled from his pen through signature by executive order.

These are huge issues that are being pushed through without due diligence or understanding of process or a need for parliamentary or legal scrutiny. Therefore, what needs to happen right now is a strong will against Trump’s actions from the leaders of the global community.

Theresa May had so far failed to do this. Backed into a corner due to Brexit, she is being compicit by her desperate need to cut a free trade deal with America. After her toadying hand holding performance with Trump, she is creating the impression that she prioritises a grovelling trade deal with America as of more importance than standing up to a fascist.

Throughout history, Britain has taken the lead in standing up to fascism. Theresa May is betraying our proud heritage with her appeasement. Shame on her.

Trumpism is not something that can be appeased and swept under the carpet because it’s good for business to do so. He is in the most powerful office in the world, and such, he must be scrutinised, and called out to when he fails on policy or bullies soft targets into submission.

Right wing sympathisers, supporters and the politically naive claim that “It’s all going to be ok.” or “Its all just liberal fake news” or “The Republicans won’t let him destroy the GOP.”

This denial and apathy is not enough. Trump’s executive orders will have an immediate impact both within America and throughout the rest of the world. For example, the Muslim ban could very well result in a rise of islamophobia hate crimes in America or Syrian refugees being tortured or murdered when they return to their homeland.

Bizarrely, those who are Pro-Life/anti-abortion and anti immigration appear to think that the life of a feotus is of more importance than a child fleeing almost certain death from tyranny and war in Syria.

None of this is good, apart from an idealistic thought that springs to mind. Perhaps I am being naive, but just maybe Trump will inadvertently create a force for good. He may become the catalyst for the world to wake up from watching reality TV and take collective action to end right wing populism. However, this is unlikely. The fascists are in charge and they are not going to relent without an enormous fight.

Let’s call it for what it is. This is gangsterism politics. It is a coup against civil liberties. The words written on The Statue of Libery, that represented a founding value of America and immigration are being shredded:-
Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Hope has left America. All we are left with is Trumpton, USA – A place called hate.


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